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Our wealth protection services ranging from simple income protection plans to estate planning for those with substantial assets to protect and maintain.

Alternative investment

Alternative investments can provide an opportunity for you to diversify your portfolio through an extensive range of products.
All managed by investment professionals, our alternative investments platform includes single manager hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, managed futures, private equity, real estate and exchange funds.

Choose From Our Alternative Investments

  • Single Manager Hedge Funds are privately managed investment funds that utilize sophisticated strategies in both the international and domestic markets. They're designed to potentially offset losses during a market downturn and often seek to generate returns higher than traditional stock and bond investments.
  • Funds of Hedge Funds are actively managed portfolios of hedge funds and other alternative investments products.
  • Managed Futures employ professional money managers called Commodity Trading Advisors to direct investments in global currencies, interest rates, equities, metals, energy and agricultural markets through the use of futures, forwards and options on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Private Equity typically invests globally in nonpublic entities with a value-add approach, seeking to acquire undervalued/underperforming entities or ones with significant growth potential with the objective of reselling at a higher price in the future.
  • Real Estate Fund refers to negotiated private investments in real estate assets with the objective of generating current income and/or reselling at a higher value in the future.
  • Physical Commodities Funds (alongside Futures & Options). The physical commodity trading element of the strategy aims to exploit arbitrage opportunities by sourcing physical commodities such as gold, oil, cocoa, rice, timber, ethanol etc. are private vehicles enabling holders of concentrated stock positions to exchange those stocks for a diversified portfolio.